Who dream are you living?

Have you ever dreamed about becoming a well paid sports figure, or super rich actor or actress, or develop a product that everyone will buy from you? There are millions of dreams out there that are not being fulfilled. Why is this? Why are so many people giving up,  and not living their dreams? Why don’t people like this do more to fulfill their dreams? There is a reason for this and it has nothing to do with lack of opportunity or money. These three questions have just one answer. To be candid it’s IgnoranceWho Dream are you living! ‘lacking knowledge or awareness in general, uneducated or unsophisticated.’ Have you ever heard the phrase “ ignorance is bliss” if you don’t know about something you don’t worry about it, until it becomes relevant.

For many people Ignorance is the reason why people are not chasing and living their dreams is because they’re chasing a pay check.

An ignorant person is a danger to themselves and society. This lack of knowledge and education gets passed down from generation to generation. And has plagued our homes and communities. This mentality has spread so far that people are killing themselves to build dreams for their bosses families, and are unwilling to build their own dreams for their own families. This is a modern-day slavery mentality. With people finding value in giving up their precious dreams for a pay check, as if there is no better way how to earn a Living.

who dream are you livingWhy are people all over giving up on their dreams daily. Ignorance is the main ingredient. This ignorance has plagued the minds of millions. It’s not that the opportunities are limited, or there is not enough money for everyone. It’s simply because people have bought into a system that only works for approximately two percent of the population. And has only been educated by big business to breed employee’s who are willing to sacrifice themselves, families, and their dreams to work for an income you don’t control, and in some cases can barely live on.

The reason why people don’t do more in efforts to fulfill their own dreams

is because they’ve bought into the idea that it won’t happen for them. They don’t believe that it is possible to live your dreams because so many before them have given up for the same reason. People continue to build dreams for those who have invested time and money into themselves to do so. Yes, these people could have said they don’t have time, or they don’t have the money, but they didn’t let the excuses dictate their income. It’s not these people’s fault, others want to give up their dreams. They know everyone has the same opportunity but are too ignorant to figure it out for themselves.

The reasons I discussed in this article is my version from my experiences. I have lived under the same misconception, but was fortunate enough to put myself around people who are chasing their dreams and not getting caught up in the mantra that this is the only way. We understand there are plenty more ways of making a living, and living your dreams.  I wish more people would stop giving up on their dreams because, the children that are exposed to this will end up continuing this same mentality.Stop being “Ignorant”, stop letting opportunities continue to pass you by, because your to ignorant to recognize them. This is why people will continue to struggle for money, when they don’t have to. And this is also why people aren’t doing more about changing this detrimental mentality that is stagnating our families, and communities.

In conclusion, The only way to correct this is for people to start being brave. Go after what is truly yours. God has a big dream for all of us. Don’t be afraid, and start

creating multiple pay check

that will continue to come in even if you don’t work.

Who dream are you living if not yours?

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