Network Marketing Business is not Sales

Network Marketing Business is not SalesHow to find a successful Network Marketing Company.

Answer these five questions:
1. Have you held a job for more than six months?
2. Are you now or have been in a relationship for six months or more?
3. Have you made friends that lasted more than six months?
4. Are you good at following instructions?
5. Do you have integrity?

If you answered yes to ANY ONE of these five questions you’ll have no problem building a successful networking business. You need to be educated on how networking marketing will help you reach your financial goals. Building a Network Marketing business is the poor mans way of retiring. Considering It’s a low start-up cost investment. Anyone can work part-time or spare time. No inventory or overhead to manage. You don’t have to build, rent or buy commercial real-estate to build a network marketing business. If you have done any research on your current compensation plan you’re getting paid from now. Then you’re going to have to complete the same task in network marketing compensation plans. Do your due diligence.. You need to know if the compensation plan is going to drive good or bad behavior either from the company’s or from the distributors position. There are a few tricks you need to know in order to prevent yourself and your team from getting into businesses that fails or don’t pay.Network Marketing Business is not Sales

Companies business models do drive the behavior in the field. To prevent yourself from getting caught up. Here’s some information you need to know before you begin your journey.

Research the company management team. Does it have integrity and supports a profitable work environment? One of the best ways to find out what companies to work for. Is to research their policies and procedures. Study their removal clauses. this will be useful information to know especially encase the company has a bad habit of not renewing annual contracts and why they do this. This way you can find if the company is worth your time and efforts. If a company has more than three pages of procedures this should be an early warning sign. The more pages the easier it is for them to hide their intentions. They know attorneys charge by the page, beware of those companies with 10-30 or more pages of policies and procedures. They know your likely not going to have an attorney read the contract for your complete understanding as to how to protect yourself and business.

The more you know about the integrity of the company will decrease your risk factors in the network marketing industry.

Make sure your not getting involved with a company that will use you as leverage for them to make money off you and you not make money for yourself.

Network Marketing Business is not SalesAnother idea to consider is the companies timing in business, and their timing in the industry. You can rest assure that if the company has been around approximately two or more years depending on their products. maybe a great company to invest and build income with. You want to make sure the company has gone through is growing pains. Every company that can successfully weather all the challenges of business will be a viable investment. When conducting your research don’t hesitate do read about the president of the company, to see who he is and why he built this business, and how he operates his company.

Now that you have an understanding of the man behind the company. his vision, and integrity etc. now take a good look at their products or services. Are they remarkable products? Or are these products that you have to be in love with to promote. You don’t have to be in love with the products to make money with it. Ask yourself would you buy this product if it didn’t have a compensation plan attached to it? If you wouldn’t more than likely no one else would either. This is going to cause you to have to convince people rather than build a relationship with them. Which is why the majority of people fail in this industry.

This leads us into the compensation plans that pays the part-time person. Most compensation plans pays the top .3% of the company. Just as you would ask, learn, inquire about how much you’re going to make an hour. When it comes to making money in network marketing you should do the same if your planning to make money. Make Money From Home Using Network Marketing Companies2People need to know how to systematically understand compensation plans by asking themselves this question: How many people or volume do I need to make $10K mo. Along with a duplicate system to accomplish. Look for compensation plans that pay more for less work and for the least amount of people it takes for everyone to reach their financial goals. Most leaders suck with understanding compensation plans. The more leaders we have who want to teach, mentor, lead and follow will undoubtedly make money in this industry.

Here’s a big one that should let you know right away if your with the right company or sponsor.
When your being recruited and asked to provide a list of family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, preschool friends, or tells you to buy leads, etc. RUN…. This is why 99.7% of people fail in this industry. Not everyone can duplicate this… This is not the way to build your business!!! You need to focus on a system anyone can duplicate.Make Money From Home Using Network Marketing Companies

You must teach yourself and your team to duplicate skills that everyone can make money with. This is the art of teaching your team how to fish and eat for a life time. Instead of giving them fish to eat when it’s feasible for you!

Network marketing is about people helping people build assets in the asset column of the earnings system. becoming business owners, and investors. Instead of dealing with the high taxes, inflation, debt, and high cost of retirement which is what most employees, and self-employed are going through.

Network Marketing Industry is a strategic investment strategy. Which gives great diversification for all investment portfolios. If you build correctly will allow you to create long-term residual income. Income that will continue to go into your bank account whether you work or not. More and more people are catching on to this income stream that has been around for over hundred years. and has no sight of slowing down. This is a great concept to be able to get paid over and over for only doing the job one time. and without trading hours for dollars, without working very long hours for years, and then retire broke like 98% of the population. This is the best industry where you learn and earn at the same time. Low start-up no overhead. You work it part-time while working your current job until you build up enough income.

20121212_032213000_iOSBuilding a Business in Network Marketing is about being an empowered leader who is willing to grow into the person who can build people lead hundreds or thousands of people to just do a little bit in each of their businesses to create continue growth and profitability for the whole organization.

There is no need to be charged for something that you already know how to do for free.
Why pay to build or enhance on the same qualities that have made you successful thus far. That’s why greedy leaders charged thousands of dollar on how to guides for build a successful networking business. But those who don’t have deep pockets can not take advantage of this information.

To build a profitable Network Marketing Business you’re going to have to evolve your relationships building skills, you’re going to need to learn how to build people who want to build a successful network marketing business. You don’t have to build a brick and mortar business. No special skills needed for this business outside of being willing to educate yourself on how to teach and build people. If you can develop your skill of building people you can put your income on autopilot and make money whether you work or not. It’s that simple.

Building People is a skills that is not taught in our current education system. But is a very lucrative skill to have in order to build long-term residual income in the network marketing industry. If you want to make a lot of money in network marketing. You must learn how to mentor, coach, follow and lead a team to duplicate a simple system simultaneously for continued profitability for the whole team.20140624_062102000_iOS

It’s about teaching, mentoring anyone who doesn’t have the proper tools to build a successful networking business. In addition to being able to have the time freedom of spending more time with their family and friends doing what they truly want to do.

It’s not your fault most leaders don’t take more time to teach and train people in this industry. It’s not about the meetings, it’s not even about all the “raa raa”, it’s not about getting your people in front of a big heavy hitters. The one huge mistake in most leaders in the network marketing they do not do a good enough job helping people develop into leaders.

Network Marketing is the only industry where companies allow you to build equity by paying you for sharing their products and services while using the products or services for yourself. These companies have figured out by not paying millions/billions to big advertising company. They could save and pay people like you and me who are already promoting their products and services the ability to make a living building a business from home.

get financial educationBuilding a Network marketing business allows you to finally earn income on what, you have been doing since the age of five years old but never educated yourself on how to monetize yourself. Only educated yourself on how to earn on an hourly basis instead of residual.

How many products or services do you pay for on a monthly, annual basis, that are now allow you to build a long-term residual income or any income?

How many people have you helped reach their goals, get a job, over come y are you making from that now? There are a number of people who are making a very good living helping people to do the same in this industry.

If you’re a restaurant owner you build a network to stabilize your customer base. If you own a church you use network marketing to help your congregation generate income which will in turn help generate revenue for the church. Tithing will increase as you help the congregation income increase. If you have a retail store and want to build customer loyalty you use net work marketing to increase your sales something. How much money by help others generate income. Customers don’t mind spending money and making money at the same time.

You have big investors such as Warren Buffett, who owns about three network marketing companies. Donald Trump who is another big time investor who believes in network marketing, Robert Kyosaki wrote a book “business of the 21st century” is dedicated to the network marketing marketing
As the economy continue to struggle, big companies are moving towards word of mouth advertising. Due to the strength and stability it has provided for all the other companies who have adopted this practice and are now recession proof companies.

You’re good at building relationships with people you don’t know. You don’t think your any good at network marketing because they never got paid for or make residual income from it. You’re real good at recommending your favorite foods, or services. also have never gotten paid for it. You’ve gotten countless people hired at jobs in your life time. Do you make residual income today for any of those people? You’ve paid it forward for people. Do you make any income from that today? You market, promote, inspire people but are not making long-term residual income.

Network marketing is a fast growing industry that is creating more millionaires than any other industry. if you or anyone have ever been looking for a way to make part-time income this is the best industry for you. Because network marketing industry is one of the best vehicles for any type of income long-term or short-term. Network marketing also allows companies to reduce their advertising cost by using word of mouth advertising instead of traditional costly advertising. People often neglect the education that goes into making money in network marketing. Building relationships in network marketing is the main component in building a successful network marketing business.

Building a network marketing business is educational, personal growth, and a great way to establish time freedom.

If you’re new to the network marketing industry, this is a teaching and mentoring business. Or maybe you’ve been unsuccessful at building your current network marketing business. The wealthy use network marketing to increase and leverage income. Because they know it’s the best cost-effective way to drive profit without major overhead.

To build a network marketing business from home is the best way for anyone to create long-term residual income without having to pay upwards of $1000 or more.

Most people who get involved in this industry don’t spend enough time educating themselves about this fast growing industry. With network marketing, one of the advantages is you can earn as you learn in this particular industry. The more you know and understand about this industry will help you determine the good companies to build with compared to the bad ones. Another component is to understand the compensation plans, to determine how many customers or business partners you need to make your desired income.

Building relationships is the main factor in building a profitable network marketing business. “Because people don’t join businesses people join people.” In order to be successful you must be willing to grow personally to attract good customers and business partners. Leaders who build and train on these principle are generating full-time income from whether they work or not.Tips

Hopefully you can see why network marketing is the fastest growing industry around and why experts believe this industry will create more millionaire than any other industry.earn money

Big companies are following this trend, which is great for people like yourself.

It doesn’t take any specialized training for regular people to be successful in network marketing.

You just can’t treat networking like a job… It’s a business, if you treat it like a business it will pay you like a business.

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