I'm Just A Messenger, Not The MessageLet me start off by saying, I am not the message. I am simply the messenger, don’t judge me based on this information. Judge how the information will help you. Let’s be honest, you’ll never be able to retire comfortably trading hours for dollars. But, with this information you can create your own income and retirement fund.

People tend to confuse me with the message I’m delivering.

In this article I’m going to attempt to help you understand a few basic concepts of how to fix your income struggles. First, there are two types of people, financially successful people, and people who are unsuccessful financially. Second, you need to do is stop taking information from people who are not chasing their financial dreams. Third, I will show you three other ways on how to create income.

How To Create Financial Freedom With Your JobFor the past several years I’ve been conducting meetings, writing blogs, sharing every bit of information I can, to show ordinary people like yourself who are

struggling for money there is another way

to create an income, and build the lifestyle you want and deserve. But my popularity is not helping me get the information into the right people’s hands. So they can use the information to understand how to build an income from home.I'm Just A Messenger, Not The Message

So what, I’m not a millionaire yet!!! But, that doesn’t mean the information I’m sharing isn’t valuable for you or anyone looking for additional income to pay bills or whatever needs to be paid. It’s a trip, I hear people say they won’t take advice for anyone one who is not rich or wealthy.  But in fact they do take advice about money from others who are not rich or wealthy. Hence, this is why those people stay broke and struggling. I use to take this personal, but I had to understand this is just how people are. Nothing wrong with them, and nothing wrong with me, it is what it is.

There are two types of people in this world. Those who will do whatever it takes to learn what they need to learn in order to succeed financially, and those who use people like me as excuse not do what is take and learn what they need to succeed financially. They think by finding fault in what I’m saying or doing justifies them not making life better for themselves. But they don’t realize they are only fooling themselves.

“If you buy into other people’s opinion, you bought into that lifestyle.” I forgot who said this, but this pertains to those people who let others people, who gave up on success, or watched someone fail, and they think this will happen to them. So they use this same fear to make you believe, the same will happen to you. Even though it hasn’t happen… So you buy into that opinion and suffer the same as they do. Because you choose not to give yourself a chance to live your own dream through your own experience instead you listen to someone else who lives in fear of theirs. This mantra is a common in our everyday life. We’ve been taught to believe things that don’t make sense. Including the best way to generate income.

The best way to generate income

is not through trading hours or dollars. This is crazy… your just selling yourself to the highest bidder. Instead of investing in yourself and earning what you deserve. How many people know there are four ways to generate income? One is an employee which you have no leverage and you are taxed on every dollar you earn. Two, self-employed this means you own your job. You have to work your job to make the money. Now these first two require a hundred percent of your efforts. If you can’t work, you can’t make money. Number, three is a business owner, business owner invest in people, and those people create leverage income for the business owner. IMG_2436.JPGThis allows the business owner to make money without putting in hundred percent of his own effort. Unlike employees and self-employed he doesn’t have to be there to make his money. He invested time and money in people who created leverage which equals income. Number, four is an investor.  And investor makes money work for money. They take the money they make from business and invest it to make more money, this creates leverage which equals more income for them. Because every dollar is an employee to them. These four categories are divided into the right and left side. Left side is employee and self-employed are this is the highest taxed bracket in regards to how we earn our money. The right side is for business owners and investors. This side has the best tax advantages for your money and doesn’t require hundred percent of your effort. Business owners and investors understands how to make money work for them. You see business owners look at every dollar as an employee. So they maximize the dollars potential. Every dollar works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, doesn’t take vacations, don’t get sick, don’t ask for time off, always shows up, and never complains, and does exactly what want it to do.Network Marketing Key Points
OK… now you know about the two types of people, financially successful, and financially unsuccessful people in this world. How people who gave up on their dreams will influence you to give up on your dream.

And finally the fours ways you can generate income for yourself.

In conclusion, you may think people like myself are scam artist. But were actually trying to make it easier for you to understand how easy it is for you to create an income for yourself. From home in your spare time. I would like to leave you with this quote from John Maxwell, “Today matters, what you do today will impact you tomorrow.”
If you continue to do nothing today that will help you generate income in retirement.

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